Our disciplined strategic investment management philosophy incorporates assessing each client’s appropriate risk tolerance, time frame, investment objective, return objective and asset allocation model (cash, fixed income, equity), while considering other factors including style (value vs. growth), market cap (small, mid, large companies), geographical (Canada, United States, international) and sector (financials, technology, healthcare) concerns. We are proud to partner with several industry-leading product manufacturers to provide you with some of the best financial solutions in the marketplace. As a wealth management firm with expertise across a full range of asset classes – equity, fixed income, and alternatives such as real estate, timberland, and agriculture, we can provide investment management solutions for pension plans, foundations, and endowments.

As a full-service wealth management firm, we offer portfolio construction with savings products, mutual funds, and individual stocks and bonds (available by referral).

Ask us about our High Interest Corporate Savings Account, available by referral

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