Thank you for being in our lives!

Barb has managed our investment portfolio for the better part of 20 years. Barb and her team have always met and/or exceeded our expectations, resulting in a comfortable retirement.

Our financial updates are consistently delivered on a schedule that works for us. We feel there is a genuine interest in our well being. It is like speaking to good friends.

Barb and her team helped our family move back to Canada from Germany after a twenty-year stay. They set up savings for our five grandchildren, which will help them to pursue their post-secondary education.

We would recommend Barb and her team to anyone looking for strong financial planning.

Thank you for being in our lives!

Bill and Chris

An honest approach

This is a letter to let others know how we feel about our relationship with Barb and Bryce. They have been nothing but excellent. They have always followed through with any question or need that we have. They always look at situations based on our needs and use an honest approach to see things through our wants. They have also supported our children and their families at the same time. We have been through a lot in the past few years and it sure has been nice having people like Barb and Bryce standing on our side and helping us deal with life’s ups and downs. Our financial picture is a lot clearer than it ever was, and our future is clearer and brighter. The amount of stress they have helped us avoid is priceless. In closing, we cannot say enough about both Barb and Bryce and would recommend them to anyone who needs a financial advisor .

Kevin and Sandy

We feel completely at ease talking to Barb about our finances

We feel completely at ease talking to Barb about our finances. She is always on top of the world markets and their trends. Barb personally reviews our financial situation with us frequently in order to ensure we understand our position. This also enables Barb to update her records as to any changes in our wants, needs or plans.  We are confident that she is as pro-active as possible in managing our account and protecting our future and our investments. This allows us to focus on other areas of our life knowing that our finances are well taken care of.

It is interesting that the folks that have such a crucial, intense level of responsibility to their clients (probably at the top of the list!!), appear to be so relaxed and genuinely happy.

Kathy and Doug

We are so glad that we were introduced to them

As my wife Allison and I entered our “fifties”, the need to maximize the return on our investment portfolio had never been more important (wish I had felt that urgency at “30”!). At the same time, we had become ever more frustrated with the seeming absence of a coordinated plan for our future as all of the advisors, insurance brokers, and accountants we had dealt with in the past either fell short of expectations or were not set up to take us to the next level. So when my sister mentioned Bryce and Barb and their team, who were eager to put together a plan for her that was holistic in every aspect, we were intrigued to say the least. In spite of the fact that we were on the mainland and they were in Victoria, we set up a meeting to hear what they had to say.

The meeting, in the comfort of our home, was a breath of fresh air for us, and exactly what we had been searching for all of these years. In spite of this being our first ever meeting, Bryce and Barb were professional, sincere, and prepared for the meeting. After subsequent phone chats, the plan they presented to us was a “complete plan”, giving us a very clear understanding of what we had to do over the next few years to make it happen.  Even though we didn’t find that pot of gold we never knew we had, the relief of removing guess work from the plans for our future was every bit as valuable.

Over the past 3 years we have grown closer to Bryce and Barb and the team, and now consider them to be good friends more than professional acquaintances. We look forward to our chats and sharing family news with each other. We are so glad that we were introduced to them, and would recommend them to anyone looking for an “exceptional” experience in financial planning.

Keith and Allison

Genuine, friendly and helpful individuals

We feel so fortunate to have discovered the impressive team at Exceptional Wealth Management. Barb and Bryce are effective communicators who have consistently given us wise, data-based advice and clear guidance with all our investments (not just those they administer).  They see the whole picture!  Related to this, we appreciate that Barb and Bryce take an integrated approach to financial planning involving all of the players in allied areas such as accounting, information technology, real estate and law.  We are especially pleased that they are directly connected and in continuous communication with Aaron Wade Accounting service so that financial decisions are consistently made within a taxation context.

Barb, Bryce and their team view their clients as friends and colleagues with multiple needs and unique life journeys.  Every member of the team – Barb, Bryce, Cindy, Yan-Min, Jesse and Robyn – are genuine, friendly and helpful individuals. We always know we are in capable and caring hands.

Roy and Faye

An all‐encompassing hub of financial wellbeing

The Exceptional Wealth team has helped me ensure I am financially prepared for the unexpected, while minimizing unnecessary interests and expenses. In recent years, there have been big changes in my life that presented significant challenges; Exceptional Wealth helped me find options and gave me the confidence to take the necessary steps to get my world back on track.

The main strength I see in this team is their incredible ability to get to know you and your individual needs and goals. What’s important to you and your family is what’s important to them. The Exceptional Wealth team and their trusted colleagues within the industry will keep you positioned in a safe place to protect you from unexpected circumstances, ensuring your goals don’t get sidetracked. They’re more
than just a local financial advisor: they’re an all‐encompassing hub of financial wellbeing.

I must also bring up that it’s more than just the feeling that you’re in capable hands. The team at Exceptional Wealth is also incredible at making you feel like you are part of their community. They get to know you, they relate to you, and they recognize important events in your life. You’ll feel far more valued than what you might get from a sterile, templated, generic banking financial advisor. There’s no comparison. If you’ve ever been to a bank’s financial advisor, you’ll know what it feels like to just sign the papers and receive quarterly updates on whatever you’ve invested in…period. Exceptional Wealth isn’t anything like that. They are there to help clarify and direct your entire financial picture: investing, saving, spending, preventing, preparing, and general comfort. You’ll know that you’re investing in your financial wellbeing with all the right safeguards in place.


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